Decisions? Stop, Look, Listen, then Choose

When you were small, you were probably taught that before you cross the street you should Stop, Look, Listen, then walk. What great advice. But were you also told to do this before making decisions?
Every day in our lives we make choices like what to have for breakfast, lunch or dinner, what to wear, when to schedule appointments, what groceries or items to buy, when you will do the things on your “to do list”, what to tackle first, etc. For most people these are quite simple, no brainers, so to speak, but for others the simplest choices can create anxiety and stress.
Sometimes day to day options become routine and you don’t have to give them much thought at all, you just do, or choose not to, and so it is. There isn’t a lot of questioning or after thought.
But at one time or another in our lives we are faced with difficult decisions in our jobs, relationships, health, financial situations, etc., that aren’t always as easy to make. Whether the choices are day to day ones or life altering, they can leave you feeling uneasy, doubtful, confused, fearful and unsure.
Making choices can often lead to second guessing whether you made the “right or wrong” one, whether you “should or shouldn’t” have chosen to say or do something.
Wouldn’t it be nice that when you make a decision you know it’s the correct one at this time in your life?
Wouldn’t you love to not have to question it over and over again? To not ask yourself “If only”…?
Decisions don’t have to leave you in a cool sweat, or waiting for the bomb to drop, or worrying and wondering.
Making choices doesn’t have to be as hard as you believe if you follow three simple directions.
STOP. Before making a decision, take a moment and a few deep breaths; become centered.
Making choices when you are calm results in much better outcomes. Some things don’t have to be decided right away, but because we feel scared, worried, uncertain, or jump to conclusions, or act or react from our emotions, etc., we make quick or hasty decisions that afterward leave one wondering whether it was the best one.
Before making a decision, ask yourself, “Is this something that has to be decided right this minute or can it wait until I am clearer, or in a better space, or have had time to be in the space I’m in right now?”
What is the worst that can happen if you don’t decide this minute, day, week, etc.?
Give yourself some time to relax; life isn’t about rushing, it’s about exploring. If the choices you are about to make are life altering, allow some time for you to see where you are at.
When you feel you are up against a difficult decision, don’t make it more difficult on yourself, give yourself some breathing room.
LOOK. Take a look at your options, don’t just jump at the first one unless it truly feels right to you.
It’s okay to not know right now what to do; take the pressure off and bring the peace in.
Perhaps this situation is occurring for you to make some changes and develop some new mindsets.
Look at what emotions are being triggered share this site by or from the decision you are making. This is a good time to see what’s holding you back or trying to get your attention.
Make a list of the pros and cons for the decision you are about to make, or the options you are pondering and remember, if you don’t have to decide right away, it can wait for you to explore it more.
LISTEN. It can be difficult to listen for insights when you are busy thinking about what could, should, or might happen.
If your emotions seem to be taking over, it can be hard to hear the quiet voice that knows what to do or not do. Allow yourself to explore what’s surfacing for you as this is a wonderful opportunity to learn, grow, and expand.
If the decision you are making seems rushed or based from your emotions, then it’s time to listen, not convince yourself of something that doesn’t feel right for you at this time.
We are all connected to the greatest source of wisdom; if we Stop, Look and Listen, then our choices will be divinely guided, not emotionally lead.
The Insight Technique assists you by working through the emotions, doubts and fears so you can make decisions from a centered insightful space within.
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